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Bali is Still Worth a Visit

Bali is Still Worth a Visit

Bali is Still Worth a Visit
By Made Dertha

Very often many thing become reality inspired by a dream. For example if one wants to have a very memorable holiday he will choose a place which have everything to fulfill his needs or his requests sometimes begin with a sweet dream. If a dream tells about beautiful island lies under the equator and have a nice weather all year round, an oasis of undying culture and quiet beauty, if so, Bali has it all.

Bali is a beautiful island situated within Indonesian Archipelago and one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. In 1930th some of the foreign writers and artists arrived in Bali and stayed on, thoroughly seduced and inspired by the island’s breathtaking physical beauty and cultural complexity. They were also deeply impressed by the warmth and the hospitality of the Balinese, and the amazing breadth of artistic expression that pervaded daily life.

Since 1970th Bali performed his high quality in tourism industry, and attracted many bona fide tour operators and airlines companies to bring their clients to enjoy this enchanting island. The island boast a Bali International Airport, luxuries 5 star Bali hotels, best built Bali villas, luxury and typical secluded resorts ad even hundreds of budget hotels.

The development in tourism industry continues in progress for years, and the visitors of Bali can learn and explore more its unique places of interest, various typical local cultures, enjoy the hospitality of the people, as well as other tourist attractions such as diving, snorkeling, para-gliding, cruising, rafting and even sports. Besides, Bali Island is also an ideal place for having MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition) and honeymoon. Tourism actually has been becoming a massive industry and the main source of Bali’s income.

In October 2002 and again in October 2005 Bali was frightened by a violence terrorist’s attack, the boom blast that devastated the island of Bali and the international community. More than 200 lives were lost and hundreds more were injured. It need months for recoveries and the Balinese people is still working hard to rebuild the image of the island and we look forward to a brighter and promising future for the Balinese and our tourism industry.

The Balinese have their own way to respond the terrorist attack not by physical violence but by peaceful means; performing major cleansing ceremonies, prayer and hopes, establishing a memorial for the lost lives, because the Balinese believe that the true and utmost prayer have a magic power to face up to evil. The Balinese doctrine Ruwa Bineda tells that all nature is eternally divided into pairs – high and low, right and left, day and night, strong and weak, healthy and sick, clean and unclean; in general: good and evil, life and death. Each illuminates the other within the scope of creation, and the Balinese ritual strives always to maintain a middle ground – a harmony between two poles. So wherever one goes, be a wise man and beware of any possible dangers and put oneself on guard, because the good and the bad are everywhere in this world.

All the appropriate efforts has been performed by Indonesian Government and the Balinese people and also by the world in order to keep the island peaceful. For the Balinese after performing major ceremonies, it is now time to move ahead and leave the incident behind us. Bali Loves Peace is our motto, peace for everyone, and peace for the world. Many of the visitors have been proved the peace of the island after the incident and leaved Bali with a memorable stay.

So if you plan a vacation do not doubt to put Bali at your top list for your next holiday destination. Bali is still worth a visit after the boom tragedy, because the situation is well in hand now. The easiest way to book your preferred Bali Hotels is go online and visit a hotel reservation website. Do a search for the city or island you are traveling to (Indonesia-Bali) and you will be presented with a list of available Bali hotels/Bali Villas in that area. Or you can search a local reliable Bali Tour Operator and contact him by e-mail for further information.

Good luck readers.

Made Dertha was an English and Italian tour guide for many years in Bali, writes for Bali Turista Tours where he is the Managing Director now. Bali Turista is the rising tour operator on the Bali island suggests the prestigious, excellent, leading and some inexpensive hotels and resort villas in Bali. For more information, please visit and

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Bali - A Brief Travel Guide

Bali - A Brief Travel Guide

Bali - A Brief Travel Guide
By Natalie Aranda

Every year people go on luxurious vacations. Of course people tend to drift toward the tropical paradises – perhaps Hawaii or a Bermudian island. After all, when anyone travels they want to be in a relaxing environment. However, what people don’t realize is that there is a secret tropical place that is not only beautiful but also possesses some of the best spas in the world.

Bali, an Indonesian island, is a great place for travelers who want amazing beaches, friendly citizens, and breathtaking scenery. With over three millions inhabitants, Bali is home to some of the greatest artwork in the world. From dancing to sculpting and painting, this island provides a wonderful easel for the most creative.

If you are considering a vacation to Bali, it is important to know that it is usually very hot the entire year. Therefore, it is essential that you dress lightly and be respectful with your clothing. Since Bali is all about prayer and tradition, you shouldn’t show a lot of skin. For instance, if you are visiting a temple, you should wear a sarong to blend in. The last thing you want to do while you travel is disturb the peace.

Although there are hundreds of hot spots on the island, the best tourist locations are Kuta, Sanur, and Seminyak. If you are looking for a warm beach atmosphere, Kuta is the way to go. During your travel, it is important to note that the southern areas of Bali are warmer. There are dozens of lavish hotels right along the beach. These white sand beaches are amazing, especially with the abundance of coral reefs and marine life. It is a great romantic place to relax!

It is extremely important to know about the hotels when you travel to Bali. Fortunately, even if you do not have a lot to spend, there are hundreds of different options for your budget. If you are looking to save money, there are affordable Bali hotels that are still great. On the other hand, if you are looking to splurge, there are Bali villas and Bali rentals. Bali hotels are easier if you are looking for a lot of service and a great ocean view. However, there is not a lot of privacy and room service only satisfies to a point.

If you want privacy and an amazing vacation to remember, Bali villas are the way to go. These villas include air conditioned rooms, lavish bathrooms and dining rooms, complete with beautiful gardens and continuous service. This is great for a family who wants a private get away and does not have to even lift a finger. However, there are ways to save money if you decide to get a Bali villa. You can opt for a villa without around the clock service and can buy your own food from local shops. This will save a lot of money in the long run.

No matter what type of Bali villa or hotel you choose, you will have an amazing time. This crime free island will allow you to not only enjoy your vacation, but also relax on the white sand beaches with your drink in hand. It is a wonderful occurrence to be able to experience Bali’s culture and volcanoes. Regardless of what type of vacation you want, Bali will provide it for you.

Natalie aranda writes on international travel and travel planning. Every year people go on luxurious vacations. Of course people tend to drift toward the tropical paradises – perhaps Hawaii or a Bermudian island. Bali, an Indonesian island, is a great place for travelers who want amazing beaches, friendly citizens, and breathtaking scenery. If you are looking to save money, there are affordable Bali hotels that are still great. On the other hand, if you are looking to splurge, there are Bali villas. Bali hotels are easier if you are looking for a lot of service and a great ocean view. However, there is not a lot of privacy and room service only satisfies to a point. If you want privacy and an amazing vacation to remember, Bali villas are the way to go.

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Bali Weather

Bali Weather

Bali Weather
By Eddie Tobey

Bali is located 8 degrees to the south of the equator, and hence it has a tropical climate. Bali does not have the usual four seasons, but just has just two - the wet and dry seasons. Each season lasts for about six months. Dry season is from March to August and wet season is from September to February. Though the weather does not vary that much by season, the wet season may have some downpours for an hour or so in afternoons, followed by warm sea breeze at the beaches of Kuta and Nusa Dua.

Wet season is not a bad time to visit Bali, because most of the downpours are in the mid afternoons and if you plan well, you can really enjoy the rest of the day.

Bali experiences a 6am sunrise and 6pm sunset almost year-round. The average temperature in Bali is usually around 30° C. The dry seasons are quite hot, especially in the afternoons, when the temperatures are at their highest.

Though wet season can have few downpours, most of the time it is hot and humid. The best time to visit Bali is from April to September. June, July, and August are said to be the best months when one can plan a cool visit to these wonderful beaches. This is the time when humidity is comparatively less, though there will be light and infrequent rain showers.

Along Bali beaches, sea breezes temper the heat, but as you go towards the inland, weather becomes more pleasing and sometimes even chilly. Evenings are really splendid with cool breeze flowing through the beaches and Balinese bamboo windows making the most out of them.

Though many details about Bali weather are available, it is better to check with the current weather conditions in Bali before planning a trip to this island.

Bali provides detailed information on Bali, Bali Vacations, Bali Culture, Bali Real Estate and more. Bali is affiliated with Bangkok Airfare.

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Goa - Joy in Abundance

Goa - Joy in Abundance

Goa - Joy in Abundance
By Michael Lucas

Goa is one of the most beautiful states of India. It’s full of colors. This picturesque state is located on the western coast of India in the coastal belt known as the Konkan Belt. In Goa, you will find joy in abundance. Here you can find life in full bloom all the time.

Goa with its magnificent scenic beauty and architectural splendors has become the firm favorite of both national and international tourists. Goa is not just beaches and sea, it’s more than that. You can find peace and tranquility at all places. If you are fond of laid back style, then Goa is the place to be in. The history of Goa is rich and varied. It saw 451 years of Portuguese rule. Definite Portuguese influence can be seen in the lifestyle and cuisine of the Goans. Besides the Portuguese, various Hindu and Muslim Kingdoms have left an indelible influence on the lifestyle of the Goans. Goa was liberated from the Portuguese on 19th December 1961 along with Daman and Diu.

The people of Goa are lively and friendly. They are known for brotherhood. In Goa, people practice secularism in the best form. The best example of communal harmony can be seen in quite a place where Hindus and Christians worship together. The Damodar temple at Sanguem, the church of Our Lady of Miracles in Mapura, the Shantadurga temple at Fatorpa is excellent examples of this unique harmony of religions. Besides this, there are other festivals which are celebrated by both the communities.

Tourism is one of the most important industries in Goa. This lovely state is known globally for its sea, golden sea beaches, hotspots, exotic locations and vibrant life. By nature, Goans are warm, friendly, easy going and large-hearted. They live life in style and at a leisurely pace. They are passionate about dance, music and art which are in their blood and they love their food and feni. The beauty of Goa is that whenever you come to Goa whether it is morning, noon or midnight, you will find the whole of Goa in fun mood. This lovely state provides lot of amusements to its visitors. If you love to drink outside, then you can check out the pubs and bars situated at all the beach sides and major cities. If you love the scenic spots, then just hang out at the local shacks on the beach anytime of the day and enjoy the oceanic panorama. If you are a party animal, then Goa has enough bliss in store for you as it has some of the finest night clubs and discotheques.

Goans love their food. For most of the Goans, food means fish, curry rice and feni. Goan food has the flavors of Hindu, Muslim and Portuguese food. These flavors make Goan food an exotic mix of truly tasty and spicy cuisine. Tourists who come to Goa enjoy lovely delicacies to heart’s content.

So, if you want abundance of joy, then come to this peaceful land and you can take more information from travel agency india about tour and travel in india.

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Clove Cigarettes - The Famous Sigaret Kretek From Indonesia

Clove Cigarettes - The Famous Sigaret Kretek From Indonesia

Clove Cigarettes - The Famous Sigaret Kretek From Indonesia
By Deep Nuke

The meaning of Clove cigarettes is 'Kretek cigarettes' processed by famous Madura Tobacco from East Java and mixed of Indonesian nature clove or spices then produce sensational exotic fragrance typical of Indonesia tropical island.

Clove cigarettes sound more and more familiar for everyone then some people start to find out what the secret and contents of Cretek cigarette. Through the hygienic and quality processing make clove cigarettes lover sure and believe that the clove cigarettes have not matched from the other cigarettes product.

The popularity of clove cigarettes has almost spread world wide and also become one of the significant broadcasting sports sponsorship in Indonesia like FIFA World Cup 2006, League Calcio and League Premiership which is sponsored by official Djarum Super Soccer, KOBATAMA Basketball Competition by Sampoerna A Mild also Boxing Super Cup and La Liga Soccer from Spain by Gudang Garam International. The clove cigarettes sponsorship not only on sports program but also supporting the charity humanity program and music entertainment.

The Clove Cigarettes lover keep faith of taste and quality never substitute to the other one and it is easy to find the clove cigarettes, in fact has many cigarettes on line store emerge on latest which offer the various brands and discount prices. Specific of some clove cigarettes on line store reference can be found at or and The various quotation with same quality and excellent services with priority of speed, safety and free for express delivery services is guaranteed offer by clove cigarettes store.

Where to buy Clove Cigarettes?

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Bintan Discovery - Perfect Get Set and Go

Bintan Discovery - Perfect Get Set and Go

Bintan Discovery - Perfect Get Set and Go
By Adeline Wu

A quick pick-me-up just before we hit the books again. What perfect way is there to start the semester? With a tan of course! We had to leverage on the fact that Singapore is surrounded by numerous natural beaches belonging to our Southeast-Asian neighbours. A dozen locations zipped through our minds. But this was an eleventh hour decision, and being undergrads, our pockets are not that deep. So we went on a frenetic search of a destination economical enough and yet offer a decent beach to frolic in. Bintan came up tops. Firstly, we didn't have to fly. There was no hurry to look for last minute airfares. Bintan was just a 55 min ferry ride from Singapore. Secondly, and most importantly, we didn't have to get Rupiahs. Prices in Bintan are listed in Sing dollars.

Upon reaching the Bintan Ferry Terminal, we were guided to the complementary bus shuttle service which brought us to the resort directly. The journey took about 30 minutes.
Upon arrival at the resort, we were pleasantly impressed by the front desk staff, who rattled on fluently in Japanese to a group of visitors. Their English was also near impeccable. The resort itself imparted a relaxed mood as it was set in a style of individual wood huts as guest rooms. The room interior exceeded our expectations as well. Despite being sufficiently spacious, with a queen-sized bed and day sofa, the toilet was also clean and fresh.

After lunch, it was time to have some serious fun. We zipped to the beach, just in time for the snorkelling tour. Without any ado, we hopped onto the speedboat with our gear, ready for a whale of a time. We were instructed and booklets showing the type of fishes and corals that we might see while in the water were passed around. Indeed it was an eye-opening (literally) experience, as we kept our eyes wide open to spot the assortment of corals and fishes. It ended on a dramatic note when I panicked and pulled away upon seeing a jellyfish half a metre away.

Following an adrenaline-pumped snorkelling trip, our tummies were growling out for some food again. This time round we took up the recommendation by the front desk staff and were on the way to the local ‘kelong’ (malay for fishing village on the sea). The dinner was well worth the hour ride to and fro. A total of 6 dishes including snails, mussels, crayfish, fish, crab, kang kong, drinks and steamed rice cost S$65.

We had the snails steamed as recommended and dipped them into a delicious sweet and spicy sauce. They were so succulent and crunchy that I was pleasantly surprised by how much they bounced when we picked them out of their shells. The mussels were big and juicy, tasted more like oysters and went nicely with the spicy sauce it was stir-fried in. Our favourite had to be the crayfish. It tasted similar to its close relative - lobsters, and was enhanced to divinity by the melted butter and salted spring onions sprinkled generously on top. The fish came in a close second for me as I always love a good plate of teochew (Chinese) style steamed fish with a dash of superior soy sauce and generous helpings of chopped spring onions and coriander. The crab was disappointingly stale. The saving grace was the good ole' plate of belachan kang kong (vegetables fried in shrimp paste chilli). It was a truly unforgettable dinner set in a simple background, coupled with the ambience of light tidal waves, though I wished mosquitoes were not included in the package.

Upon checking out, we had the option of leaving our luggage at the front desk while carrying on with other activities before leaving for the terminal. We could also change our original ferry timings to a later slot at a fee with the concierge staff. We decided to do just that and headed to Pasar Oleh Oleh, Bintan Resort's own market.

It could be reached by bus which picks up guests from various resorts. The market offers local snacks like keropok (prawn or fish crackers) and dried seafood like ikan bilis (anchovies) and shrimps. There was also a shop selling supposedly authentic Polo Ralph Lauren t-shirts amongst others selling local handmade arts and crafts. I was fascinated by a particular shop which sold nostalgic paraphernalia so I bought one to satisfy my curiosity and also to support the dying trade. For more local flavour, get it from a local artist, who sells paintings reflecting the lifestyle of Bintan as a fishing village. His artworks are great souvenirs or home deco if you have a penchant for Indonesian rustic charm.

The idyllic and carefree lifestyle of the locals seemed to have effected a therapeutic touch on my much battered body, mind and soul.

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Borneo - Exotic Island Paradise

Borneo - Exotic Island Paradise

Borneo - Exotic Island Paradise
By Walter Rajah

SABAH is Malaysia's premier nature adventure destination situated in the northern tip of Borneo Island, the third largest island in the world. Sabah is popular for its wildlife conservation attractions, rain forest, surrounding nature and islands, beach resorts, tropical white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and its warm and friendly people. If you are thinking of visiting Borneo, these places of interest and activities will whet your appetite!

Mount Kinabalu

Let me begin with my favorite place and definitely not to be missed if you are visiting Borneo, Mt. Kinabalu (4,093m). It is the summit of Borneo and the tallest mountain in South East Asia. This mountain is sacred to the locals. Thousands from around the world have trekked to its peak. At the feet of this mountain is Kinabalu National Park, a botanical paradise where rare plants are found: rare orchids, nepenthes pitcher plants and the rafflesia, the largest flower in the world.

Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

If you haven’t heard yet, the most popular native of Borneo is the Orang Utan. The world-famous Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre enables visitors to come in close contact with these amazing animals. This sanctuary allows visitors to witness an exciting conservation programme in action. Set in 43 square km of beautiful rainforest, the sanctuary helps once captive Orang Utans learn to fend for themselves in the wild. Watch how these orphaned Orang Utans being taught to climb, and then go to a platform where you can witness them coming in from within the forest for their daily meals of milk and bananas.

Danum Valley Rain Forest

If nature is close to your heart, then this next destination I am going to introduce you is a must visit, Danum Valley. Danum Valley is nestled deep in the rain forest of Borneo where nature is at its most pristine. As you travel deeper and deeper into the jungle, you will suddenly come across a magical paradise of the Borneo Rainforest Lodge (BRL), erected overlooking the magnificent setting of the Segama River and flanked by tall hill ranges. BRL is an impressive resort, designed by naturalists and built on stilts using traditional timber materials, and has the comfort of a 3-Star Hotel. I totally recommend Danum Valley to those who yearn to see wildlife in a primeval Borneo rainforest - the rare Sumatran rhino, proboscis monkeys, Orang Utan, elephants and over 275 species of birds.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Island Park

When you think you have enough of sightseeing and you want to take a day’s break idling around to charge your energy, then I suggest you take a 30-minute boat trip to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. The park is made up of five beautiful islands and is a well-known sanctuary where peace and tranquility prevails. The tropical white sandy beaches are ideal for relaxing and tanning. The crystal clear water is fantastic if you fancy snorkeling or watching the sea lives and corals. The park is also a great spot for a BBQ picnic under the long hours of golden sunshine. Other activities include windsurfing, fishing, parasailing, kayaking and bird watching.

Golfing Holidays

If golf is your sport, then try the numerous high quality golf courses in Sabah. One of the courses as described by its designer - “I had to create a masterpiece by combining the natural splendor of the mountains and the seas, with ingenious architecture, and create a first class championship course to provide an enjoyable, yet challenging game for top professional golfers and amateurs alike" - Graham Marsh. Enough words said for the quality of golf courses here.

White-Water Rafting

For the true adventure seeker looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity, Sabah offers some of the most exhilarating thrills in the world. My scariest experience, only because I am not a good swimmer, is white-water rafting down the Padas River (a grade-3 river). Whilst trying to negotiate the rapids along this raging river for a distance of about 5 kilometers, do enjoy the breathtaking view that the surrounding rain forest does offer. However, be warned, don’t take your eyes off the rapids and waves too long!

Scuba Diving

Off the North Eastern coast of Borneo lies a tiny jewel of an island, Sipadan, with a marine ecosystem so perfect and unique that it is world renowned as one of the best dive spots in the world. Sipadan Island rises as a pristine Coral Sea mount, 650 meters from the floor of the Sulawesi Sea. This pinnacle off the eastern coast of Borneo is an oceanic magnet for marine life. As soon as you enter the crystal clear waters of Sipadan Island, you’ll understand why you have endured a journey that has taken you halfway around the world. As you begin to descend into this tropical water, you'll also understand why the World Wildlife Fund says, "No other spot on the planet has more marine life than this island."

About The Author

Walter Rajah is owner of Exploration Borneo Tours. Visit his site at for more information and images of Borneo – The Exotic Island Paradise. Check out all the travel packages to Borneo and subscribe to EBT Travel Newsletter for the latest events, travel news, Borneo articles and cheap deals!

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